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AHS Wall of Fame - NEW and IMPROVED

5 months ago


AHS Wall of Fame

The Choir Booster Club is selling bricks for the NEWLY EXPANDED AHS Wall of Fame. 
The wall is located between the doors leading to the Little Theater.

All money will go to benefit the High School Choirs.

4x8 brick $50.00
8x8 brick $100.00
12x12 brick $150.00

Questions? e-mail Ann Hogan at

UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest 2019

5 months ago

By Michael Matlock

The UIL Vocal Solo and Ensemble Contest was held on February 9th at Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center   The Andrews High School Choral Department had 23 Division I – Superior Ratings earned on solos, 20 Division 1 Medium Ensemble members and 56 Division I Madrigal members.  18 Soloists and 6 Madrigals (a total of 56 students) qualified for the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest, which will be held at Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville on June 2nd.  Students must earn a Division I – Superior rating on a class 1 solo or ensemble to qualify for state.  All solos and ensembles were prepared by Michael Matlock, Jody Keesee, Ann Hogan, Gary Ragland and Whitney Ellison.

Class II – Division I Soloists

Aiden Crow, Christian De La Cruz, Haley Gafford, Nicholas McArthur and Brianna Moore

Class I – Division I Soloists (State qualifying soloists)

Kobe Boswell, Ayla Carrizales, Larissa Carruth, Jesus Castillo, Omar Chavez, Sami Daye, Kaitlin Jeppesen, Makenzie Keesee, Kacey Kelley, Kylie King, Char Maxey, Chaz Melton, Joshua Neves, Aylen Olivas, Ryleigh Teeters, Aaron Vasquez, Matthew Villarreal and Jenna Young.

 Division I - Medium Ensemble Members

Daniella Armendariz, Gabby Balderamma, Alyssa Bustamante, Beatriz Cancino, Taylor Christopher, Haley Gafford, Daniella Gil, Nayelli Guerrero, Judith Hernandez, Genevieve Jasso, Amaris Mejia, Brianna Moore, Mikalyn Pesce, Jamie Pool, Dayna Reyes, Katy Rush, Raven Shepker, Hannah Tidwell, Gisselle Torres and Anahy Valenzuela.

Class I – Division I Madrigal members (State qualifying ensemble members)

Kynadie Adkins, Kaitlin Argabright, Georgi Roacho, Makenzie Keesee, Kacey Kelley, Taryn Nunn, Jesus Castillo, Blayde Haynie, JT Ramirez, Lisha Hernandez, Skyla Argabright, Char Maxey, Kristine Hernandez, Erica Hernandez, Maranda Farmer, Sami Daye, Matthew Villarreal, Omar Chavez, Kaitlin Jeppesen, Larissa Carruth, Brianna Huerta, Avery Brown, Hailey Riojas, Ayla Carrizales, Brayden Medina, Hallie Patton, Aaron Vasquez, Kobe Boswell, Macee Mack, Avonna Jeffcoat, Faith Barrow, Alyssa Lujan, Brylee Morris, Hannah Patton, Joshua Neves, Dasia Peredez, Kylie King, Dallas Hathcock, Kylyn Nickel, Amia Gibson, Jlee Gomez, Cody Moore, Bryce Mayfield, Saul Canava, Coah Tyler, Ryleigh Teeters, Alexis Saenz, Jenna Young, Kayla Gonzales, Aylen Olivas, Kaylie Patrick, German Rodriguez, Adrian Juarez, Michael Garcia and Brennan Bennett.

Area Choir Candidates

10 months ago

By Michael Matlock

The Texas Music Educators Association held the Small School Choir Pre-Area auditions on Friday, November 2nd in Odessa. 

6 Andrews High School choir students advanced to the next round of auditions.  They will audition for the Texas All-State Choir on January 12th at Lee High School in Midland.  They will be competing against singers from Midland/Odessa, Amarillo, Lubbock and El Paso. 


 Larissa Carruth – Soprano  (3rd Chair)

Makenzie Keesee – Soprano  (6th Chair)

Aylen Olivas – Alto  (3rd Chair)

Kacey Kelley – Alto  (5th Chair)

Jesus Castillo – Tenor  (2nd Chair)

German Rodriguez – Tenor  (5th Chair)


 Georgi Roacho – Soprano  (1st Alternate)

Jenna Young – Soprano  (2nd Alternate)

Kayla Gonzales – Alto  (2nd Alternate)

Joshua Neves – Tenor  (1st Alternate)

Sami Daye – Tenor  (2nd Alternate)

Aaron Vasquez – Bass  (1st Alternate)


Freshman All-Region

11 months ago

By Michael Matlock

All-Region Choir Auditions on Saturday, October 13, at Nimitz Middle School.  Micheal Cuevas qualified for the Tenor-Bass Choir and earned 4th chair in the Bass section.  The All-Region Choir Concert will be held on Saturday, November 3, at Bonham Middle School in Odessa.

TMEA Region VI All-Region Choir 2018

11 months ago

By Michael Matlock

The Texas Music Educators Association held the High School All-Region Choir Auditions on Saturday, September 29, at Permian High School.  15 Andrews High School Choir members qualified for the choir and 13 of those qualified for the Pre-Area round of auditions.  Those qualifying for the Pre-Area auditions were in the top 6 of their voice parts and will audition again on November 2nd in Odessa.  If they are in the top 8 of their voice part at the end of the Pre-Area Auditions, they will qualify to audition for the Texas All-State Choir in January.


All-Region Choir Results

Georgina Roacho – Soprano  (Region Choir – 4th Chair Pre-Area)

Larissa Carruth – Soprano  (Region Choir – 5th Chair Pre-Area)

Makenzie Keesee – Soprano  (Region Choir – 8th Chair Pre-Area)

Jenna Young – Soprano  (Region Choir – 10th Chair Pre-Area)

Kacey Kelley – Alto  (Region Choir – 1st Chair Pre-Area)

Kayla Gonzales – Alto  (Region Choir – 9th Chair Pre-Area)

Aylen Olivas – Alto  (Region Choir – 12th Chair Pre-Area)

Jesus Castillo – Tenor  (Region Choir – 3rd Chair Pre-Area)

German Rodriguez – Tenor  (Region Choir – 7th Chair Pre-Area)

Sami Daye – Tenor  (Region Choir – 9th Chair Pre-Area)

Joshua Neves – Tenor  (Region Choir – 12th Chair Pre-Area)

Brayden Medina – Tenor  (Region Choir)

Aaron Vasquez – Bass  (Region Choir – 5th Chair Pre-Area)

Jairo Ontiveros – Bass  (Region Choir – 7th Chair Pre-Area)

Chaz Melton – Bass  (Region Choir)

Homecoming Belle and Beau

11 months ago

By Michael Matlock


UIL Concert and Sightreading 2019

about 1 month ago

By Michael Matlock

A Cappella Mixed Choir

Division 1 - Superior in Concert and Sightreading

A Cappella Women


Division 1 - Superior in Concert and Sightreading

A Cappella Men

Division 1 - Superior in Sightreading

Chorale Women

Division 1 - Superior in Sightreading

Chorale Men


Division 1 - Superior in Concert and Sightreading

Texas Small School All-State Choir

5 months ago

Kacey Kelley performed with the Texas Small School All-State Choir on Saturday, February 16.

By Michael Matlock