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All-Region Choir 2017

By Michael Matlock

The Texas Music Educators Association held the High School All-Region Choir Auditions on Saturday, September 30, at Permian High School.  11 Andrews High School Choir members qualified for a choir and for the Pre-Area round of auditions.  There are 6 students that are alternates to the choir and the Pre-Area Audition.  Those qualifying for the Pre-Area auditions were in the top 6 of their voice parts and will audition again on November 16th in Abilene.  If they are in the top 4 of their voice part at the end of the Pre-Area Auditions, they will qualify to audition for the Texas All-State Choir in January.


All-Region Choir Results

Skylar Miller – Soprano 1  (Mixed Choir/3rd Chair Pre-Area)                   

Jazmine Sanchez – Soprano 1  (Mixed Choir/4th Chair Pre-Area)                    

Georgina Roacho – Soprano 1  (Mixed Choir/6th Chair Pre-Area)       

Sarah Blackshear – Soprano 2  (Mixed Choir/4th Chair Pre-Area)     

Makenzie Keesee – Soprano 2  (1st Alternate to Mixed Choir/Pre-Area)     

Kacey Kelley – Alto 1  (Mixed Choir/1st Chair Pre-Area) 

Aylen Olivas – Alto 1  (Mixed Choir/2nd Chair Pre-Area)    

Amia Gibson – Alto 1  (Mixed Choir/6th Chair Pre-Area)  

Hannah Patton – Alto 1  (1st Alternate to Mixed Choir/Pre-Area)  

Kylyn Nickel – Alto 1  (2nd Alternate to Mixed Choir/Pre-Area)

Hallie Patton – Alto 2  (1st Alternate to Mixed Choir/Pre-Area)

Jesus Castillo – Tenor 1  (Mixed Choir/2nd Chair Pre-Area)                  

Sami Daye – Tenor 1  (1st Alternate to Mixed Choir/Pre-Area)             

German Rodriguez – Tenor 2  (Mixed Choir/6th Chair Pre-Area)       

Keagan Scott – Bass 1  (Mixed Choir/4th Chair Pre-Area)

Jordan Barton – Bass 1  (Mixed Choir/5th Chair Pre-Area)

Blayde Haynie – Bass 2  (2nd Alternate to Mixed Choir/Pre-Area)

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