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Athletic Paperwork 2018-2019
“Athletes and those wanting to be in athletics next year: Athletic physicals are set for April 24- girls and April 26-boys at Andrews Family Medicine, 2:00 -5:00 pm.  Only students going into 7th, 9th, and 11th grades (or new to the district or athletics) need to get the actual physical.   If you think you want to participate in athletics next year, talk to the appropriate coach at the high school or Coach Edwards and Coach Tijerina at the middle school for approval before these dates.
EVERY ATHLETE MUST FILL OUT THE ENTIRE ATHLETIC PAPERWORK PACKET EVERY YEAR.  The packet, except for the history/physical form, is now online.  Information and instructions for parents and students to fill it out online are now on the AISD main website under Community Links, the high school and athletic training web pages and on the middle school home and athletics page. Incoming 9th graders will NOT fill out the online forms, they will fill out the actual athletic paperwork packet. This is on the athletic training webpage or may be gotten from Coach Edwards or Coach Tijerina. The history/physical form must be filled out, signed, and turned into Mrs. Lloyd or Mr. McKenzie, the high school athletic trainers, at the high school or turned into Coach Edwards or Coach Tijerina at the middle school. The history/physical form is available from the athletic trainers, middle school coaches, is on the counter at the high school office, and on the athletic training webpage.   ALL ATHLETIC PAPERWORK MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE A STUDENT IS ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN SPORTS NEXT YEAR.  
Diane Lloyd, MS, LAT, ATC
Co-Head Athletic Trainer
cell: 575-318-9694

Randal McKenzie, LAT
Co-Head Athletic Trainer
cell: 432-290-2369

office 432-523-3640 ext. 2741
fax 432-524-1973